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Spray Foam Services in Huntington, NY

Are you looking to build an eco-friendly home or commercial building? Perhaps you want to make your current structure more energy-efficient. Either way, high-quality spray foam insulation is the best way to achieve your goals.

If you need a company to install spray foam insulation in Huntington, NY, Rocket Insulation is here for you. Our team is highly trained and skilled, ensuring proper spray foam installation and your complete satisfaction.

For help determining if spray foam is right for you, or to schedule insulation services, call (631) 750-9075 or contact us online.

Spray Foam Insulation in Huntington

Spray foam insulation comes in two forms, open-cell and closed-cell, both of which are typically made with polyurethane. The foam is applied wet and expands as it dries, filling every nook and cranny. This makes spray foam effective for oddly shaped or hard-to-reach areas.

Thanks to its versatile installation methods, spray foam is appropriate for virtually any application around the house, including:

Some types of insulation are relatively easy to install yourself, but spray foam requires special equipment and training. Attempting a DIY job could leave your home under-insulated or lead to costly problems.

Spray foam is difficult to remove once it’s been sprayed, injected or poured, so mistakes are not an option.

That’s why you should leave spray foam installation to a professional. The Rocket Insulation team can get the job done right the first time, so you avoid the cost and hassle of redoing a DIY job. We provide the highest quality products and services and offer the best prices around.

Call (631) 750-9075 or contact us online to schedule home insulation services in Huntington, NY.

Benefits of Spray Foam for Your Huntington Home

Spray foam products typically cost more than traditional batt and loose-fill insulation. However, most Huntington homeowners and businesses agree — the benefits are worth the extra cost.

Here’s why:

  • No need to seal air leaks separately: Open-cell spray foam allows some air and moisture to travel through, while closed-cell insulation creates a complete air and vapor barrier. If you invest in a closed-cell product, you can skip other air-sealing tasks like caulking, taping joints and installing vapor barriers.
  • Structural boost: Spray foam hardens against your home’s building materials, strengthening them and making them more stable.
  • Versatile installation methods: From small pressurized cans to large quantities of foamed-in-place insulation, spray foam can fill the tiniest crevices or the entire building envelope.
  • Energy savings: All types of insulation aim to improve heating and cooling efficiency, but spray foam’s excellent insulating power makes it especially good at this.
  • Improved indoor comfort: Less heat transfer makes your home more comfortable, promoting consistent temperatures from room to room.
  • Higher R-values: Spray foam offers some of the best R-values of any insulation — about R-3.5 per inch for open-cell and R-6.0 to R-6.5 per inch for closed-cell — providing maximum insulating power in the least amount of space.

To enjoy these benefits, contact Rocket Insulation or call (631) 750-9075 to schedule a spray foam installation estimate.

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We employ the industry’s best installation techniques to ensure outstanding results.

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