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Basement Insulation in Southampton, Roslyn, Roslyn Heights & Great Neck

Basements throughout New York are often underinsulated. This is especially true in older homes that were built prior to the adoption of enhanced building codes. Throughout the area, many homeowners lose thousands of dollars each year due to heat loss through the slab, basement walls and crawl spaces. For most homeowners, improving the basement insulation can lead to a dramatic reduction of monthly heating bills and a significant increase in comfort. At Rocket Insulation, our team will help you determine the best way of sealing your basement to create a firm barrier between your home and the elements outside.

Contact Rocket Insulation at (631) 750-9075 to learn more about the benefits of adding insulation to your basement areas. 

Signs Your Basement Needs Insulation

There are many signs that you need better insulation in your basement. These include rising electric bills, drafts, and cold air wafting through the basement or floor. You may also notice cold floors, mice or bugs in the basement, water leaks, or frozen pipes. If you experience any of these, there is a good chance your basement is insufficiently insulated against the elements.

Contact Rocket Insulation at (631) 750-9075 for more signs that your basement needs better insulation. It’s our pleasure to answer your questions and help you determine the best way to seal your home’s energy envelope.

Benefits of Insulation in a Basement

Insulating your basement offers numerous benefits that you will enjoy year-round. These include providing protection against moisture intrusion, minimizing heat loss through the foundation, code compliance and, of course, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer months.

Contact Rocket Insulation at (631) 750-9075 to learn more about the benefits of adding insulation to your basement. Our technicians will help you decide the best insulation for your home!

Types of Insulation That Can Go in a Basement

There are many types of insulation that are commonly used on basements in the region. These include rigid mineral wool boards, high-density polystyrene and polyurethane/polyisocyanurate boards. Many homeowners also use spray foam insulation, which creates a firm barrier against both air and moisture. It is also highly resistant to mold/mildew, which helps protect the indoor air quality within your home.

What R-Value Is Recommended for Basements?

Insulation requirements for New York vary across the state. Long Island is in Zone 4, so homeowners need R-10/13 on basement walls and crawl spaces. They also need R-10 on the slab. Homeowners in Upstate New York fall into either Zone 5 or Zone 6, where requirements are slightly higher.

Add Insulation to Your Long Island Basement

Ensure a cozy, comfortable home during freezing winter and scorching summers — reach out to Rocket Insulation to schedule your installation. We’ll advise you on what type of insulation to choose and how much to add, and we can suggest other areas of your home that could benefit from additional insulation. Get started today!

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