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Soundproofing Insulation in Long Island, NY

Quality Insulation for a Quieter Home or Business in Nassau & Suffolk Counties

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Properly installed insulation is a great way to make your home or business more comfortable and efficient, but it can also help make it quieter in select rooms or the entire building. This is ideal for busy urban areas, home studios, media rooms, recording studios or professional settings where reducing sound transmission is crucial for a comfortable, quiet environment.

When you need to make your Long Island building as quiet as possible, turn to our experts at Rocket Insulation. Our company offers residential and commercial insulation services throughout Nassau and Suffolk County, including Southampton, Great Neck and beyond.

We can recommend the best products and installation methods to achieve maximum sound dampening, and we can provide professional installation services for all our insulation solutions.


How Does Soundproofing Insulation Work?

Technician kneeling, adding insulation into open wallSoundproofing insulation absorbs the sound waves as they pass through, dampening them or reducing their volume. Although standard insulation like fiberglass and cellulose offers relatively good sound-dampening capabilities, there are specialty versions of fiberglass, cellulose and mineral wool insulation that offer enhanced sound-dampening.

Soundproofing insulation can be an essential part of a comprehensive soundproofing strategy combined with other sound-deadening materials mounted inside the room.

Enjoy the quiet with soundproofing insulation from our team at Rocket Insulation. Call (631) 750-9075 to learn more about our soundproofing products today.

Soundproofing Insulation for Long Island Homes & Businesses

At Rocket Insulation, we offer several products that can help make your Long Island home or business as quiet as possible, including:

  • Fiberglass batts: Our fiberglass batts fit snugly between wall studs and other framing members, offering good thermal performance and sound dampening, along with an optional kraft paper facing that acts as a vapor barrier.
  • Blown-in fiberglass: Ideal for finished walls, blown-in fiberglass can be installed through a small opening between wall studs, filling the cavity and creating a dense insulation with good sound-dampening abilities.
  • Blown-in cellulose: Another blown-in insulation, cellulose is made primarily from recycled newspaper treated to withstand fire and pests. It offers excellent thermal performance and good sound-dampening abilities.
  • Mineral wool: Made from spun rock fibers and metal slag, our Rockwool insulation is denser than fiberglass batts, which results in slightly better sound-dampening with similar thermal performance.

To learn where each of these insulation types can be used to achieve the best sound-deadening effect for your room, call us today at (631) 750-9075.

Call Today for Soundproofing Insulation in the Long Island Area

Make your Long Island home or business quieter and easier to work in with our soundproofing insulation services from Rocket Insulation. We offer exceptional service and quality, and as a member of the Installed Building Products Family of Companies, we have the support of the nation’s second-largest insulation installer.

From soundproofing to attic, wall and basement insulation, choose Rocket Insulation when you need to make your home or business more comfortable.

Call us today at (631) 750-9075 to request a quote for soundproofing insulation in Suffolk County, Nassau County or the greater  Long Island area.

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