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Insulation Tips To Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

If you live in an older house, it’s possible that it’s under-insulated. That means a constant chill in the air. Since there are only so many blankets you can pile on and still function, finding other ways to keep your home warm in the winter is important.

In this blog post, the experts at Rocket Insulation provide essential tips for keeping your Long Island home cozy and energy-efficient during the colder months. With the right insulation strategy, you can maintain a warm living space without overworking your heating system.

Not Sure Your Home Is Insulated Enough? Get an Insulation Inspection.

If your home feels drafty during winter and you constantly need to crank up the heat, it may be time to check your insulation. An expert can thoroughly inspect your home to determine the amount and condition of your existing insulation.

Often, an under-insulated attic is a key culprit for heat loss. Because they’re seldom-used areas, they aren’t high on the priority list for insulation. But an attic without enough insulation is like going out in the cold without a hat.

The warmth of your home escapes through the roof. An insulation professional can help you determine if this is the case in your home.

How To Stay Warm in an Under-Insulated Home

Living in a poorly insulated house can be challenging, especially with New York winters. Some practical measures include using heavy curtains to minimize drafts, layering rugs on floors and sealing gaps around doors and windows.

Other strategies include:

  • Plastic coverings over windows
  • Door sweeps
  • Movable space heaters
  • Electric blankets
  • Honeycomb blinds

If your home is under-insulated, you may need to use several strategies to keep your home comfortable during the winter. Finding the right combination for your home and needs will take a bit of trial and error.

Re-Insulate Your Home

Technician installing pink fiberglass batt insulation in a wallRe-insulation is a good way to make your home warmer during the winter. Re-insulation, or retrofitting, involves updating or adding to your home’s existing insulation.

This can be critical for older homes where insulation may have degraded over time. Retrofitting can significantly improve your home’s thermal efficiency, or ability to keep heat in, despite the cold outside.

Key areas to consider for re-insulation include:

Insulation Installation in New York

At Rocket Insulation, we know how important it is to stay warm during our long, cold Long Island winters. We want to help keep your family safe and cozy. That’s why we offer a variety of insulation types to meet different needs and budgets.

Our options include:

All these materials have different benefits, and our team can guide you in selecting the best option for your home. Keeping your home warm and energy-efficient in winter starts with the right insulation.

Whether you need an inspection or re-insulation or are dealing with a poorly insulated space, Rocket Insulation has the expertise to help.

Stay warm in your New York home with insulation installation from Rocket Insulation.

Call (631) 750-9075 today to schedule your insulation installation.

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